You might have a horse pasture that you have prepared for keeping your horses. You might have cut down some trees to create more space in the pasture, which might have left behind stumps that you have not removed yet. There might have even already been stumps on the property when you first decided to turn it into a horse pasture if the previous owner cut down trees on the property. Either way, if there are any stumps in your horse pasture, you should use a stump grinding service to have those stumps ground up.

Prevent Your Horses From Getting Hurt

As you might already know, even though they are large animals, horses can be surprisingly fragile. If you have stumps in your pasture, the horses might not know they are there and might not be able to see them easily. This means they could trip over them when they are walking or running around in the pasture. If your horse sustains an injury because of this, you could end up with a big vet bill, or your horse could end up being permanently injured. Using stump grinding methods to remove old stumps from your horse pasture will help you keep your horses safe.

Make Pasture Care Easier

Of course, it's probably important to you to take good care of your horse pasture. This might involve things like using a tractor and attachment to clean out the pasture and get rid of manure that might have accumulated. If there are stumps everywhere, it will be harder to do this, and you have to worry about damaging your equipment by running over or hitting stumps. If you use stump grinding to remove stumps from the pasture, however, you don't have to worry about any of these things. This will allow you to take better care of your pasture, and you should find it will be easier to do so.

Prevent Pests

You might be aware of the fact that pests can be a problem in your horse pasture. You might use fly spray and other products to help combat the flies that might be regularly found in your horse pasture, for example. If you have old, rotting stumps in your horse pasture, however, you should know that they can attract pests that can be an annoyance for you and your horses. If you have stumps removed, however, you won't have to worry about them potentially attracting pests anymore, so this is one more step you can take to have a pest-free horse pasture.