Here are two potential perks you could enjoy if you use a tree removal service.  

You'll probably notice an improvement in the growth rate of your plants

One perk that many people notice after they have trees on their properties taken down is that the growth of their other plants gradually improves. There are two reasons why this can happen. 

Firstly, due to their large size, trees have to absorb a substantial amount of nutrients and water to thrive. In smaller gardens that have one or two big trees, this can result in the plants that are positioned near the trees developing nutrient deficiencies or dehydration issues, as the trees compete with these plants for these resources. As such, if you take your trees down, you're likely to notice that any plants you have growing near their previous location begin to thrive without you having to supplement with water and nutrients quite as often as you did before.

It should be noted, however, that if you want to experience this benefit, you'll need to get the stumps removed along with the main parts of the trees (stump removal is usually a separate job), as otherwise, the stump will grow and will carry on taking in water and nutrients.

Secondly, using a tree removal service could also help your plants to photosynthesise more easily, as without the trees' leaves and trunk blocking out the sun, they will enjoy more exposure to the sun. This could make them significantly healthier over time.

Your home insurance premium might become cheaper

It's also possible that using this tree removal service might lead to your home insurance becoming cheaper. This is because insurance providers have to determine a customer's premium based on the risks present on their property, that have the potential to lead to damage. Whilst trees have aesthetic value, their presence on a property will often result in those properties being costly to insure, as trees can collapse during storms and cause considerable damage to a building's roof or walls and their roots also cause subsidence.

As such, if you remove them and then notify your home insurer about this change to your property, you may find that they lower your premium, due to the fact that your property will no longer be at risk of being damaged by trees.  Over time, the savings you make could exceed the tree removal fee you paid.