Trees are a beautiful addition to your home. However, once the tree has been cut down, you're left with an unsightly tree stump. You may be wondering whether to have the tree stump removed or to just let it rot. Better yet, do you try and remove it yourself?

Removing a tree stump requires the services and equipment of an expert. Trying to remove it yourself can be extremely dangerous. Since you don't know much about its structural integrity, choose to hire a tree service professional instead of doing it yourself. Do you have a tree stump in your yard? Here are five reasons to have it removed. 

Tree Stumps Are an Eyesore

Tree stamps add nothing to your kerb appeal. Even if the tree stump looks good now, fresh after the tree was cut, it'll rot and eventually turn into an unsightly mess. If you're ever looking to sell your home, potential buyers will be very wary of homes with unsightly stumps in their yard. 

Tree Stumps May Cause Pest Infestations

An abandoned tree stump in your yard will soon start to decompose and eventually break down completely. This process is messy and slow. Naturally, as the tree starts to decompose, microbes and other organisms will start to appear in the stump. Some of the first to arrive will be carpenter ants, which will move in and start building nests inside the stumps. They may spread to the rest of your home, leading to a pest infestation. 

Termites also love tree stumps, along with other insects that also feed on wood. Unfortunately, they won't limit their diet to the tree stump. Instead, they'll likely spread to other trees and possibly your home itself, compromising its structural integrity. 

Tree Stumps Invite Invasive Plant Species

Invasive plants often take advantage of tree stumps and start growing on the remains. These intruders are small, unsightly, and often extremely difficult to remove. Chances are that you'll require harsh chemicals to completely destroy them. In addition, mushrooms and fungi may sprout all over the tree stumps. These two are often unsightly and may pose a danger to your pets. 

Tree Stumps Are a Safety Hazard

Left in the yard, tree stumps can be dangerous, especially to your kids and pets. In addition to the fact that they'll attract unwanted species, they can also provide tripping hazards to kids and pets playing in your yard. Also, if someone falls on them, they can be seriously hurt. 

Tree Stump Roots May Continue Growing

You may have cut down the tree, but the tree stump may be quite resilient. Some tree stumps continue growing, and this can harm the environment around them. Before the roots run out of nutrients and start to decompose, they may cause damage to pipes, sidewalks and even parts of your home. It's best to hire a tree removal service to remove them as soon as possible.

Tree stumps provide little to no benefits to your home. Hire stump removal services to get rid of tree stumps on your property.