The trees around your home aren't just a fantastic feature on your property, but also elements that display the beauty of nature. But though they are life-bearing and beautiful works of nature, they also cause excessive damage and also death. Besides causing death, trees also die, and every dead tree is usually removed. Dead trees are dangerous since they could fall on someone or your property and cause severe injuries and damage.

Whether your trees die due to bad weather or invasive species, you should know when they are dead to contact tree removal professionals in good time. Here is how you know your tree is dead:

Brittle and Falling Branches

You can tell how healthy a tree is by looking at its branches. Look at the wood of your trees if you want to know if they are healthy. Your tree is dying if its branches are easy to snap off or if most of them have fallen. The branches of a healthy tree are intact and difficult to break off. The green colour underneath the tree's bark should be moist if the tree is healthy. Dry and brittle branches indicate something is wrong with your tree. A dying tree will have rotten and wet wood that falls and crumbles by itself of when touched.

The Bark Is No Longer Healthy

Various bark aspects can tell you a lot about the health of your tree. Holes shouldn't form in the bark of a healthy tree. Trees with oozing sap indicate that certain bugs have found their way into the bark and this is a bad sign. A tree with weak bark or one that you can easily scrap off should be removed. The cankers–spots and patches–on the bark indicate that the tree has some serious fungal infections. Those large holes and cracks on the bark show the health of your tree is deteriorating, and it should be removed if the situation worsens.

The Tree Doesn't Produce Green Leaves Anymore

Most healthy trees produce green and beautiful foliage, and it's alarming when it stops doing so. A tree that doesn't produce green foliage any longer is either dying or dead. Trees lose their life when photosynthesis stops. Though you can do something to save the sick or diseased trees, you can do nothing to bring your dead trees back to life. If you realise that your tree is dying, contact professionals in tree removal services to remove it before it harms your family members or property.

You should also remove the tree if it has a heavy lean or if other tree species have overtaken it. Dying or dead trees are complicated microorganisms that require professional handling. They don't bring aesthetic aspect or beauty to your property, and that's why you should remove them. Get tree removal services to come and help since they have the right skills and tools to do so.