To many, a solitary tree stump may not appear as though it can cause problems. While it's tempting to leave tree stumps alone when you chop down a tree, you may find that failing to remove yours causes trouble in the future. From spreading diseases to scuppering your landscaping plans, there are multiple reasons to consider tree stump grinding.

Tree stumps may spread disease

Initially, your stump may present itself as an innocuous aesthetic nuisance that looks odd in the middle of your garden. After a while, it may grow mould or fungus, and while not all are harmful, some become problematic. Honey fungus is difficult to diagnose and lives in the soil for years once it spreads. As there's no chemical treatment, your only option is to remove the causative plant, which includes stumps. 

Landscaping becomes easier

While you may not envisage laying a spectacular pathway or creating a water feature at the moment, using a tree stump removal service now allows you to pursue your plans immediately when the time comes. This is particularly important when it occupies the central portion of your garden, as this will severely restrict the space available when you're creating designs. The easiest way to do this is to ask your tree surgeon to remove or grind it when they fell the tree, allowing them to complete the job in one go. 

You'll make your yard safer

Not all tree stumps are obvious to those who enter your yard, especially children and pets, who may not look where they're going. In addition to stumps posing a trip hazard, after a little while many cause the ground around them to depress, making it uneven and unexpectedly soft. This too can cause falls, which may result in injuries for those who are very young or old.

It stops unwanted tree growth

Depending on the tree type, some cause sprouts to form around the stump, leading to more trees for you to remove. As a result, you'll spend more money on tree surgeons and landscapers in the long run, resulting in costs you're not anticipating.

Whether you choose to grind your tree stump or remove it entirely, you'll experience the benefits immediately. Few tree stumps are aesthetically pleasing, so your garden will automatically look smooth and enticing for those who come to visit. With the right approach, the professional grinding your stump will also eliminate the risk of diseases, allowing you to enjoy a healthy and vibrant garden.