Trees add an essential natural touch to any property, and many homeowners in residential areas prefer neighbourhoods rife with healthy, mature trees. They not only add property value but provide a beauty unmatched by an empty lot simply in the middle of a field. While trees might cause some inconvenience (dead branches, obscures view, overhanging branch), they are well loved and generally desired.

Unfortunately, weather, the test of time, or even incessant insects or termites can damage trees and require upkeep. While there are a few reasons to not trim trees, in general, tree lopping is both necessary and helpful for removing damaged or insecure limbs, controlling growth, and encouraging fruit formation.


By far one of the most important reasons to call a tree lopper, low-hanging, hazardous branches require immediate attention, especially if located in high traffic, residential areas. The possibility of the branch landing on a dog-walker or jogger could lead to a lawsuit and can be a nightmare for any homeowner. Falling on cars or even front lawns could be damaging and costly as well.

Strong winds or damaging storms are normally the cause of hanging limbs, and if not dealt with, recurring bouts of bad weather could send a branch onto the roof of your home or a neighbour's; yet it's a problem that could easily be prevented.

Fruit Production

This may sound counterintuitive, but mild tree lopping can actually benefit fruit growth. The removal of dead or diseased limbs will prevent the rest of the tree from becoming unhealthy and may also coincide with the growth of new spurs (that will eventually become the fruit bud). There is nothing like picking apples, pears, or oranges in the spring from a healthy, blossoming tree.

Disease Prevention

Unfortunately, bad weather and old age can make a tree succumb to disease rather quickly. Different climates also yield themselves well to bacteria or insects that will affect the inner flesh of certain trees, and lopping is the best way to prevent the spread of disease. If not done quickly, you could have to pay to remove the tree entirely.

Although maintaining the natural beauty and form of a tree might seem best, there are some problems that nature just can't fix. We might forget it sometimes, but trees are living beings that need proper care and upkeep to thrive, and ensuring regular trimming is done to keep them disease and safety hazard-free is the best way to keep your trees healthy.