It is possible to add style and functionality to your home with renovation projects that involve the use of sawn and dressed timber. Adding timber to the décor of your home allows you to transform the style and add value that adds to the appeal of your property. There are a few renovation projects involving the use of dressed timber that could be the ideal option for your home.

Mirror on the Wall

Using sawn and dressed timber to build a large mirror for your living area could be a great way to switch up the style in this space. It allows for a look that is contemporary, but also modern. By having a mirror made from timber displayed in your home, you will have rustic style that blends together both old and new. You can choose a full length mirror that you can display opposite artwork to really make it stand out. This will quickly become a décor item that really changes the entire look and feel of your living room. Even if you are on a renovation budget, you can afford to have a mirror made out of timber.

Wood Floors

There are few ways to add more value to your home that have the same impact as wooden floors. Having wooden floors installed in your home allows you to immediately increase the appeal of just about any room. You can choose to have them installed in your kitchen or on your staircase leading through your hallway. Wooden floors are designed to be durable and resilient, which means that they will last. It is even possible to get access to radiant heating benefits by having wooden floors installed throughout your home.

Wooden Ceiling

Instead of just having dressed timber installed on your floor, you can also choose to have it installed on your ceiling. Having a wooden ceiling is a new trend in home décor that is quickly becoming really popular. It offers a style that is rustic and natural. This means that you can go away from traditional ceilings and increase the value of your home by having wooden ceilings installed that are against the norm. They will be a style focal point that gets a lot of attention. You can even create a complete look in your living space by having a coffee table made out of dressed timber displayed to offset the wooden ceiling. You will be able to create a unique style that has elegance that is unique.