If you have recently redesigned your landscape using palm trees, then you know they can require a bit more maintenance than traditional landscaping trees. The maintenance on a palm tree can be significant depending on the type of palm you choose and your environment. If you aren't sure about the ways you can help maintain your palms, consider the ways a tree lopping service can help. Here are a few of the tree lopping services that may help your palms grow and flourish.

Palm Cleaning

Palm cleaning is a simple routine process that your local tree lopping service can provide. This cleaning consists of removing dead or dying fronds. It also focuses on removing berry pods that may attract birds, pests, and bats if they are in your local area. The tree lopping service will also clean and trim the palm skirt, clean the live fronds, and make sure the bedding around the palm is free and clear of any debris or fallen berries that could cause damage or weeds to sprout near the root of the palm.

Rootball Removal and Transplanting

One of the issues that may be keeping your palm tree from growing and flourishing is the location. This may require that you move it to a different part of your property. This is especially true if the palm was planted near a tree with expanding and growing roots such as an oak or maple. If this process is necessary, the tree lopping service will carefully dig down around the palm in order to expose and remove the rootball of the palm.

They will then carefully extract the palm and rootball using a crane or other form of lift. The entire tree will be transplanted to another part of your property that is free of any surrounding trees that may cause an issue.

Routine Pruning and Mulching

One of the other tasks that a tree lopping service can handle that may help your palm trees grow and flourish is to schedule and arrive for routine pruning and mulching. The service can schedule times with you that will work with your schedule and arrive to remove and prune back any fronds that may be growing too rapidly or dying due to over exposure to the elements. They can also bring mulch to add fresh mulch around the base of your palm tree to give it nutrients and protect from pests and weeds.

These are just a few of the tree lopping services available to help your palm trees grow and flourish. If you think these services will help your palm trees and other parts of your landscape, contact a tree lopping service for pricing and scheduling today.